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Active assistance to the victims of stalking

In the context of development of social networks and multiplying attacks by stalking, we offer assistance to the victims both in practical and legal areas, including representation before the authorities involved in criminal proceedings.

Psychological intervention and psychological prevention

We offer services of ensuring psychological support in post-traumatic situations. This service is provided by a clinical psychologist with experience in assisting to victims of violent crimes, to those who went through combat situations in armed conflicts or who are burdened with the experience of long-term imprisonment. Psychological support can be used once, in case of an emergency, but also as a regular programme of mental hygiene for the employees of demanding operations (call centres, debt collecting departments, executor offices, etc.) or as an aid for employees by the employer in case of mass layoffs. 

Employment screening

For employers, we verify their suspicions of such a conduct or behaviour of an employee which is incompatible with the internal regulations of the employer or with the law as well as verification of suspected alcohol and drug addiction or gambling.  Such verification should be done before the employer decides to carry out an appropriate labour legal action.

Pre-employment screening

We offer employers also verification of data which the job applicant has submitted in the selection procedure. This service is based on the verification of the documents submitted by the potential employee regarding achieved education and practical experience, commitments, verification of potential alcohol and drug addiction or gambling (checking the lifestyle which would ultimately be incompatible with the requirements of a specific position).  

Tests of compliance with supplier obligations

These tests are aimed at the suppliers of goods and services, for instance at the verification of compliance with contractual obligations concerning the amount, delivery and quality. The aim of these tests is to obtain objective information about the actual quality and truly realized range of services, about the use of appropriate procedures and technologies and about the possible violation of the supplier’s obligation to the customer.

Penetration testing

To determine the set level of security, we offer to carry out integrity tests of security regimes and systems. These tests are used as the penetration assessment of security of a building or its selected part. The aim is to obtain information on potential security vulnerabilities and deficiencies which could enable an eventual attacker to endanger the interests of the customer.  We test the functionality of the set systems as well as the compliance to these regimes by individual employees as well as the functionality of technological units.