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Outdoor events

CS Safe Solutions organizes for its clients outdoor events (even several days long) linked with elements of training in the areas of health education, stay in the nature and crisis management. In agreement with the client, every event is based on a specific ‘story’, which assigns the participants individual roles and draws them into the plot.
The long-term excellent experience of cooperation with colleagues from the and portals led us this spring to the realization that (as an old proverb says) ‘No two people do anything quite alike’ – so we joined our forces and material possibilities to maximize the portfolio of jointly offered events. Thanks to this, we can offer to you, our clients, in addition to our standard courses aimed at emergency survival in cities or nature, which you have already been familiar with, also courses in survival at sea, wild water or in the mountains – and all of them not only on the territory of the Czech Republic but in agreement with the client also abroad. All our courses are built in such a way so that they can be manageable by participants with average physical fitness and standard equipment.
What we consider very important – all our outdoor events are provided by instructors with experience in emergency rescue, mountain rescue or the armed forces and with experience from foreign missions.

And what will you learn to use during our outdoor events? For instance:

  • Equipment for work at heights and climbing (climbing harnesses, Via Ferrata sets, helmets, etc.)
  • Lifejackets
  • Bows, hunting crossbows, throwing axes, knives  
  • Collapsible rafts, boats
  • Rope barriers, nets, climbing logs, swings
  • First aid kits

And we will train you to:

  • Build improvised shelters
  • Stay overnight in nature (including spending the night in the snow)
  • Make fire by striking
  • Navigate with map and compass
  • Rappel or deal with inaccessible terrain using ropes
  • Use natural products as an extreme form of food
  • Treat the injured including transport
  • Protect against dangerous animals
  • Make improvised self-defense means
  • Learn international signals for the navigation of a rescue helicopter
  • Save a drowning person
  • Negotiate in crisis
  • Plan travelling from countries affected by crisis
  • Define and pack evacuation bags
  • Rescue after a shipwreck
  • …and much more.

 Are you interested in our offer? Please contact us, we will arrange an appointment and we will certainly find not only the best scenario meeting your ideas about interesting time spent together, but also the most suitable place for the event.