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Dealing with robberies / practical training of employees

This specialized training focuses on the protection of life and health. It is intended for the employees of banks, petrol stations, betting shops, exchange offices, hotels and other similar establishments where they may be at risk of violent crimes.

Participants of the training will become familiar not only with the rules of risk prevention and anticipation, but also with the individual types of robbery, the course of robbery and the typology of offenders. We teach them to behave correctly during and immediately after the robbery. They will learn more about the work of authorities involved in criminal proceedings. A summary of such knowledge as well as practicing behaviour in model situations will prepare them for the risk of such an attack and will enable them to cope with the difficult situation.

Crazed gunman attack

With regard to the increasing number of attacks designed to kill or injure large numbers of people in public places, we provide training of the employees of offices, hospitals, schools and other buildings with public access. During the ‘crazed gunman attack’ training, the participants will learn rules for dealing with such a situation, including how to secure individual workplaces or what can be used as an improvised self-defence tool.

Counterfeit money detection

Base on the appointment by the Czech National Bank, we organize for companies working with cash professional courses on recognizing banknotes and coins suspected of falsification or alteration. These courses are designed for employees who assess in their companies during the reception, processing or repayment of domestic or foreign banknotes and coins their authenticity and validity according to the Law No. 136/2011 Coll. § 33 par. 3, point c) on the circulation of banknotes and coins.


Solution to threats to call centres

We provide to the companies, which use call centres as one of their distribution channels, a training aimed at behaviour and methods of conducting conversation by the operator in case of answering a threat of attack against the company running the centre, against the person of operator, against third party or in case of a notification of intention of self-harm by the caller. We also cooperate in creating system for the allocation and consequent administration of so called ‘operator names’, which aims to protect the operators from the personal identification and possible attack of a frustrated caller.


Lay prehospital emergency care

Thanks to this course, participants will learn to identify life-threatening conditions and learn about the principles and procedures of first aid corresponding to the type of injury. They will learn how to control and stop massive limb bleeding, how to make manually the airways passable and how to correctly perform breath diagnosis. They will practise the procedures of conducting indirect heart massage, application of basic bandaging and immobilization techniques and dealing with shock symptoms. The training programme is prepared in such a way so that the knowledge gained helped the participants to effectively proceed in case of a work accident or when involved in a traffic accident. All graduates of the course will receive so called Emergency Cards – tool for an easy and quick orientation in the implementation of lay prehospital emergency care with a description of individual steps. 


Risks of social networking

We offer to both private companies and authorities courses aimed at the principles of functioning of various social networks, risk behaviour of their users, risk arising from the use of social networks in mobile phones and tablets. The courses highlight the phenomenon of so called ‘social engineering’ and its forms as well as real attacks against companies based on the misuse of their employees through social networks. The course will introduce selected specific cases and describe the defence against the abuse of both personal and company data.


Non-physical violence among employees

As part of the training, participants will learn about various forms of violence, such as mobbing, bossing, staffing, harassment, stalking and ostracism, about the causes of these phenomena, their symptoms, consequences which such behaviour may cause in collective, about the forms of defence against them and consequences which such behaviour carries for the perpetrator of this conduct.  

Training of personnel of physical security services in banks and financial services companies

Training focuses on various types of emergencies and appropriate procedures of their solution. This training is provided to private security companies which take part in tenders for physical security services in banks and companies offering financial services. It is suitable for the contracting entity to require (for instance in the tender) from the supplier of the service of physical security the completion of this training to enhance the quality of the service so that its quality reflects the cost invested in the purchase of services. 

Training of security forces

We provide tactical training and courses focused on acquiring or reinforcing of professional skills used in the carrying out their duties for the Armed Forces, Police and Prison Service of the Czech Republic and for the departments of Municipal Police.