Part of theCS Solutions Group


Professional services in the field of security training, ensuring safety of company processes and protection of persons and property.


C.S. Safe Solutions s.r.o. was founded in September 2013 as a holding company connected with C.S. Solutions s.r.o. to provide (not only) corporate clients with high quality complex security solutions for selected business processes.

Establishment of the company was inspired by the observation that many large companies use in ensuring safety of their property and the protection of health and life of their employees such companies which, even though operating for many years in the Czech market, still respond to the specific needs of their clients with unified solutions conforming to their own processes, instead of trying to adapt to client’s needs.

Aims of C.S. Safe Solutions

C.S. Safe Solutions set itself the aim to provide specific and professional activities carried out by experienced professionals – men and women who have acquired their experience during the many years of work in specialized departments of state security forces in the Czech Republic or abroad.

All the activities of C.S. Safe Solutions are in accordance with the laws and legal standards of the countries where the work is done for the client. 

Discretion and loyalty

Management, employees and contracted collaborators of C.S. Safe Solutions are persons of good repute, without any criminal history and with the knowledge of relevant issues necessary for the realization of services for the client. C.S. Safe Solutions takes for granted discretion and loyalty, which occupy the first place of the company’s list of values.